Wedding Details Box


I've had quite a few of our brides ask me for advice or creative ideas in regards to photography and how to get the most out of their photographers, which would be us, so of course like any other sane person I will write a blog about it! I also want to say I love that so many brides are messaging me and letting me know that my blogs are helpful to you! This just motivates me think of more blog ideas to write about!


Put together a: "Details Box"

Even before your wedding date, get together all your special details in a shoe box or something that holds them so when your photographer arrives you can hand over your box of important details and rest easy! 


If you guys are anything like me you will benefit from a cheat sheet to check off or make sure you aren't forgetting any details. So I've created a details check list for you below!

Gina's Wedding Details Cheat Sheet:

  1. The rings
  2. Ring boxes - A cute ring holder
  3. Wedding day jewelry - Earrings, bracelets, necklace, rings, etc.
  4. Hair accessories - Headband, veil, etc.
  5. Belt
  6. Shoes
  7. Lipstick or Perfume
  8. Garter - The one you keep and the one you throw
  9. Something old, new, borrowed, and blue
  10. Sentimental - Important details
  11. Bridesmaid gifts
  12. Letters or notes from your Groom
  13. Your invitations - Save the Dates - Wedding Day Itinerary
  14. Your wedding day hanger - don't forget your dress!
  15. Anything else you can think of you wish to include.


Before I finish this blog out I will throw in another quick tip. Why not have a groom details box. This way you can ensure he gets all his detail shots as well! You can include: his tie, cufflinks, watch, shoes, socks, and so many more awesome groom details. Anything you can think of can be added and it turns out to be a pretty sweet photo!