Wait, I'm Supposed to Have Two Garters?

Now in my last blog we talked about needing two bouquets and this time I'm going to talk about why you would possibly need two garters. There are a few details about garter our brides tend to ask me. 

  1. Do I need two garters? 
  2. Which garter do I throw? 
  3. Which garter goes on my leg first?
  4. When do I put on my garters? 

I will answer each and every one of those questions so you will know all you need to about GARTERS! 

1. Do I need two garters? 

You don't NEED two garters if you don't want. The reason people wear two is because one of them gets thrown in the garter toss and how many brides want their husbands to throw their garter to a bunch of single guys and then go and take it back from them? Not many. Plus that's just one more thing to remember on your wedding day and that's just too much work! So you have two garters if you want to have a keepsake garter and one you throw. 

2. Which garter do you throw? 

There is normally a more detailed garter that is bigger than the other. This is the one you keep and the smaller one you throw to a group of single guys. 

3. Which garter goes on my leg first? 

You put the larger garter you want to keep on first and the smaller one on second so your husband can get it off easily. You may want to let him know not to take both or take the bigger one. You know guys sometimes. They get under your dress and slightly distracted! 

4. When do I put on my garters? 

There is no real right or wrong answer to this question. You could put it on right after you put your dress on or you could wait until you are walking down the isle or wait until your reception. This really has more to do with what is most comfortable for you. Sometimes the garters slip while the bride is walking and sometimes they are just uncomfortable in general. So if you feel like you want to wear your garter the least amount of time wait until you absolutely have to put it on. If it doesn't bug you then put it on right away so you don't forget or they don't get lost in the mix of the day. 



  1. Guys, take a breather and stop for a posed photo with the garter before you throw it
  2. Make it personal, some of our guys will put the garter on a football so he can throw it with ease
  3. Get ALL the single guys up there! It's so funny to see them all trying to get that tiny garter
  4. Have fun!